Frequently Asked Questions

Which cameras can the Chief Mate be used with?

The Chief Mate can be used with all cameras that have those little eyelet loops on the side. Most cameras have that. Each Chief Mate comes with four rings, so the strap can be used with two cameras. The strap works particularly well with mirrorless cameras such as those made by Fuji, Sony, Leica or Olympus. The strap is designed to hold up to 2 kg.

Which length is right for me?

The most reliable way to find out is to take a piece of string to measure it. People who are taller than 1.80 m (5’ 9”) generally prefer the longer version; shorter people prefer the short one. But some people prefer to wear their cameras higher and others like it better a bit lower.

Why didn’t you make an adjustable strap?

We thought about it, but we wanted the strap to be as simple as possible without a whole lot of extras. Being able to adjust the length would inevitably have meant some form of buckle or clasp. While that might be more practical, we prefer the simpler design.



The strap is fairly stiff. Will it get softer?

Yes, the Chief Mate is relatively stiff in the beginning. Leather is a natural material and needs to be worn in. The longer you use the strap, the softer it will become. Rock it on wet and windy days for best results.

Why are the ends of the seams visible?

With most leather products, like bags or shoes, the seams can be hidden easily. That’s not possible with the Chief Mate. There’s no such thing as a seam that doesn’t have a beginning and an end. Which is why the ends of the seam are visible. The ends have been sealed so that they don’t open up. That means they can be seen, but it is the most durable way to do it. They’d get in the way if they were at the neck or right where the camera is, so we opted to have the ends of the seam just above the carabiner.

Does the camera strap need special care?

Leather can, of course, be treated with special leather care products. But honestly, who wants to do that? Besides, the oil gets all over your fingers and clothes. Our first prototypes came along with us in all sorts of weather out at sea on container ships. You can tell, but that doesn’t damage the strap and makes it all the more unique.

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